Mr.Mourning Social Studies

USHG Era 6 

6.1 Growth of an Industrial and Urban America 1870-1930
Week1- Review Activity Sheet of History Concepts
Week2-   6.1.1 Factors in the American Industrial Revolution
Week 3-  6.1.2 Labor's response to Industrial Growth 
Week 4-  6.1.3/6.1.4  Urbanization/Population Changes  
Week 5-   6.1.5  A case study of American Industrialization
6.2 Becoming  a World Power
Week 6-   6.2.1  Growth of the United States as a Global Power
Week 7-   6.2.2/6.2.3  World War I/ Domestic Impact of WWI
Week 8-   6.2.4 Wilson and his Opponents
Week9-    6.3 Progressivism and Reform
USHG ERA 7  Great Depression and World War II 1920-1945 
7.1 Growing Crisis of Industrial Capitalism
Week1- 7.1.1/7.1.2/7.1.3  The Twenties, Causes and Consequences of the Great Depression,and the New Deal
7.2 World War II
Week2-  7.2.1/7.2.2  Causes of WWII and the Course of WWII 
Week 3-  7.2.3/7.2.4   Impact of WWII on American Life/Responses to Genocide
USHG ERA 8 Post WWII United States 1945-1989
8.1 Cold War and the United States
Week 4-  8.1.1 Origins and Beginnings of the Cold War
Week5-  8.1.2/8.1.3  Foreign Policy and the end of the Cold War 
8.2 Domestic Policies
Week6- 8.2.1/8.2.2/8.2.3/8.2.4  Demographic Changes, Domestic Issues and Domestic Conflicts and Tensions
8.3 Civil Rights in the Post WWII Era
Week 7-  8.3.1/8.3.2 Ideals of the Civil Rights Movement
Week 8-  8.3.3/8.3.4/8.3.5   Womens Rights/ Civil Rights Expanded/ Tensions and reactions to Poverty and Civil Rights
 USHG ERA 9  America in a New Global Age                   
Week 9-  9.1/9.2/9.3  The Impact of Globalization on the U.S.